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Picking up a prescription at our clinic?

Please allow 24 hours for your prescription to be ready for pickup. If you need it filled sooner, please call and speak with a team member at the clinic. A staff member will contact you if we encounter any difficulties filling your request.  

*Please note, unless otherwise indicated, your prescription will be refilled at the last quantity prescribed

Message about purchasing on-line:

Why should I purchase my medication from Westgate's on-line pharmacy versus a big, national on-line pharmacy?

Many veterinary products are not legally sold to large on-line pharmacies. These pharmacies get the medications through a third party. Drug manufacturers are trying to curb this practice by not guaranteeing medications that are not purchased from a veterinarian. For example, if you purchase heartworm pills from a national on-line pharmacy, and your pet gets heartworm disease, or an intestinal parasite infection, the drug company's guarantee of their product is null and void.

At Westgate Pet Clinic, we thank you for purchasing your pet's medication at our clinic, or through our on-line pharmacy. We try hard to keep our medications competitively priced, and we work with drug manufacturers to offer rebates and special offers for our clients.

Who runs our on-line pharmacy?

Our on-line pharmacy,, is an on-line pharmacy service for veterinarians who wish to offer their clients a home delivery option for medications.  Just like when you purchase your prescriptions at the clinic, Vetsource guarantees all of its medications are purchased directly from drug manufacturers.   They price their products competitively and keep shipping costs low. You don't need to worry about product source or efficacy when purchasing through Vetsource.  In addition, most of the manufacturer coupons are honored when you purchase through Vetsource because they work directly through your veterinarian.   This is not the case when you purchase through other on-line pharmacies. 


Our Mission:

We provide the quality care our clients expect and their pets deserve, by relying on the expertise and
compassion of each team member.


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