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Disaster Preparedness for your Pets

Emergencies or Disasters can present themselves in many forms. From having to leave your house for a few hours to get some minor stitches, or having to leave for days or even weeks at a time due to a natural disaster. There are a few things that you can do to make sure you have a plan and that your pet is always safe.

Get a rescue sticker. Having a sticker will let first responders that you have pets in the home. The sticker will let them know the type and number of pets in your home. It will also have the number of your veterinarian.  It is important to remember that if you do evacute your home, to make sure to mark out the sticker and write evacuated on it. That way any first responders won’t attempt to search your home for pets that are no longer there.

Arrange a Safe Place. Having a safe place to take your pets in the event of an evacuation is very important. Do not ever leave your pets behind, if it isn’t safe for you, it isn’t safe for your pets! They could become trapped or even escape and get hurt outside. If they escape and get hurt outside during an evacuation there is a good chance there will not be anyone around to help them or even find them. You can arrange for you pets to stay with a friend in advance, or you can contact your vet of any shelters that could help.

Pick a Designated Caregiver. This person will take care of your pet in the event that you are not able to. It is a good idea to pick someone that lives close by and would be able to access your home. It is a good idea to give them a spare key for access in the event of an emergency or disaster.  Neighbors can be a great help, especially ones with pets themselves. You could offer to do the same for their pets.

Supplies and Traveling kIts. If you have to evacute, you need to make sure to have a travel kit. A travel kit can include food and a secure house for them. Also it is a good idea to pack collars, ID tags, and extra leashes. A spare backpack can be a great place to store all these things.

This are just a few things to consider when planning for an emergency or disaster. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

Preparing Your House for a new Pet

Preparing Your House for a new Pet

There is much preparation that needs to be done before you move into a house with your pet. While the task of choosing a house and making sure all the utilities and functions work well for the family may be stressful enough, do not forget that there are certain things you would need to prepare inside the house, especially if you're looking to keep some pets indoors for a given period of time.

This prep of your residence for your pets is as good as it will be for you as much as it will be for your pets.

One of the first things to consider is that you must make sure that your house is safe. Puppies can get themselves into a bad situation very quickly because they do not know any better.  It's best to confine your pets into enclosed area without any tables or platforms too tall for them. These areas can be defined with pet-proof gates that keep your dogs and cats from running down a hallway or room you do not want them to be in. It is important to establish the right boundaries right away. Especially with a new pet that is not yet house trained or properly trained.

This may be a no-brainer, but as you keep your kids away from the cabinet of household chemicals, so you should keep your pets away from these dangerous chemicals as well. Dogs in particular could easily lick bleach, antifreeze, or ammonia, and end up with some very serious internal injuries, or in a worst case scenario death. If there are going to be plants in your designated area, make sure that any plants you place are not poisonous to your pets. Yes, there are some plants that could even be fatal to your pets if they chew or even nibble the leaf or the stem of them.

You should also make sure the space is clear of human food as well. This can be unhealthy or dangerous to your new pet. Chocolate is really hazardous for dogs, and bulbs such as onions and even garlic could cause harm to other pets.

Overall, it's all about where you allow your pets to roam inside your home, and what you should and shouldn't be placing or leaving within that area. With these guidelines, you and your pet should be able to enjoy a healthy and safe time together. 

Finding a Place for your Pet: Indicators of a Good Vet Clinics

Finding a Place for your Pet: Indicators of a Good Vet Clinics

It is important to get involved and educated with some of the common pet health issues, because you can prevent it from worsening and help your pet to full recover when you are facing these problems at home. But it is also important to bring them to professional vet and pet clinic for checkup and consultation even if they don’t have diseases and they are not sick, to know if they are okay and prevent diseases if detected as soon as possible.

Yes they are also specializing and attending the needs of their customers pet’s; but it also requires patience in finding the right vet for your pet rather than picking a vet because he/she’s accessible and was nearby your place. Here are signs and steps that you have found the right place for your pet.

The Clinic is clean and organized

When you enter this clinic and it appears to be clean and well maintained even when you visit them for several times, it means that they are serious with their duty because they are not only paying attention with their jobs but also with the rest of the clinic, their working place as well. Showing cleanliness and organized makes their customers relieved and comfortable in trusting the vet to handle and take good care of their pets.


The staff of this clinic especially the receptionist always greets you and making you feel at home even when you are in the clinic. They are maintaining eye contact whenever you are talking to them, they are showing signs of respect, attentiveness and good customer service and whenever you ask for information about your pet’s findings they are knowledgeable and they can easily help and answer your questions because they are updated and their vet trained them to efficiently give help and offer answers to their clients.

Vets professionalism and manners

Before meeting the vet you will definitely look if he/she’s a trustworthy and reliable looking vet. She’s also well groomed and when she introduced herself she greets you warmly a friendly kind of greet, she also do the same to your pet. And whenever she explains the diagnostics of the tests the vet will explain it in a way that you can clearly understand it.

You are always able to ask him/her questions and get feedback

A good vt talks to you and discuss about the findings and make recommendations but if there is abnormality your vet is ready to discuss these details with your options. Your vet is always making sure that you clearly understand her and will ask if you have questions before leaving the clinic, and if you have one she is always all ears and available to answer it and give you some tips. And also a great clinic will seek out and ask for their customers experience for them to improve and make their service even better.

Your pet is in utmost importance

A good vet and staff will do everything to minimize the stress level and calm your pet when they become aggressive and fearful in a foreign place like the clinic. Because it is their duty to help your pets feel comfortable; not to make them feel awful.

Your pet’s health is utterly important; ensure that you are in the right place, in the right hands of people whom you will trust with your pet’s life and well-being.

Gearing Up to Becoming a Pet Owner

Gearing Up to Becoming a Pet Owner

You decided to get a bundle of cuteness into your life. You walk into a pet shop or animal shelter and every animal seems to be so adorable. Taking in an animal into your home and into your life is a bigger responsibility more than you can imagine. Some people decide on getting pets and later abandoning these pets because they can’t cope up with the responsibility that comes with pet ownership. So you ask yourself, are you ready to become a responsible pet owner?


Having pets at home is like a lifetime commitment. Dogs and cats can live up to 15 to 20 years. Are you willing to devote much of this time to your pets? Dogs need to be walked daily. You should get up early to make these daily walks. Dogs and cats need to be played. You should have spare time for playtime. Dogs do not like the idea of being left alone for a longer period of time. A part of your time will also be devoted to visits to the vet and to the professional groomer. You should also have time for shopping for animal foods and other needs.

Money, Resources, Cost

Having pets at home entails many expenses. Before owning one, assess your monthly income or where will you get the additional expenses for owning a pet. Initially, you will pay for adoption fees. Vet fees, grooming fees, vaccines and food are just basic possible expenses for pets. Much of your budget will be spent in food and veterinary care and in your first year alone, possibly you can spend more than $1000 for these expenses and probably $500 annually for the following years. Also, take note of occasional surprise expenses that goes along with pet ownership. These surprises are not the good kind of surprises. These additional expenses sometimes are way higher than regular expenses. You may also consider buying pet health insurance, which of course is an additional expense. If you think you can deal with this and money is not an issue then perhaps you are now ready to become a pet owner.


Most pets end up in animal shelter because owners suddenly decides they no longer want the responsibility of being a pet owner. As mentioned earlier, pet ownership is a lifelong commitment. Owning a pet is like building a new relationship. You want to nurture the relationship. You want to devote time. Your patience will be put to test. If you have time and money as the basic requirements in owning pets, this time around you will ask yourself if within you, are you really well-equipped to handle and take care of a pet. Having pets at home like dogs may mean having broken vases or jars. They can misbehave and challenge your patience. Pets can be temperamental. They can be overly playful.

Pet ownership should be equated to responsibility. Responsible pet ownership must not be taken lightly and aspiring owners should be responsible for their pets. Because it is a commitment, it is a promise given to your pets that you will be there for them in sickness and in health.

Basic Needs of a Pet

Basic Needs of a Pet

Having any pet requires taking of responsibility. It is never an easy thing to do as all pets, whatever you pet is, needs to be provided with their basic needs. Providing your pet’s needs will tell them you care for them and you love them. Hence, below are the basic needs any pet should be provided.


Pet needs food like human as it gives energy. Food is vital for any pet, but it should also be taken into consideration that giving any food is not enough. It          should be ensured that the right food as well as the right amount will be        given to your pet. Remember that too little or too much provision of food is a       wrong practice as this will more likely cause health problems to your pet.      Also remember that fresh food must be given to them every day and to keep           their food bowl always clean to not cause any diseases. Moreover, know what       is not good for your pet to eat as there are foods that are not harmful to     others but can cause fatal effect to your pet. However, seeking a         veterinarian’s advice regarding what food to give your pet is a good way to          properly address your pet’s needs.


Aside from giving your pet food, water should also be provided. This is        always the pair of the food and a pet can survive a day without a food but       not with water. It is always good to remember given your pet fresh bowl or        basin of water to enjoy and refresh itself. Always clean and fill their water bowl or basin with fresh cool water for your pet’s refreshment, every day.           Keep them hydrated!


Yes, shelter is also a basic need. Do not just let your pet lie anywhere under         the scorching heat of the sun or the freezing cold of the night. As your pets,           they are entitled to a safe and comfortable place that will protect them from any harm. Pets need to feel safe also like humans. Your pet maybe living           outdoor or indoor, nevertheless, provide them a shelter. Just a simple shelter       will do.


Exercise is not only done by pet owners; your pet needs it too! Exercise is needed by pets to be healthy and alert, just like humans. Make sure that        your pet is able to exercise some time each day or at least thrice a week.     You know what? You can make your exercising time a fun time; you can        exercise with your pet. Choose an exercise plan that your pet can do and it           will surely be a lot of fun.


Pets need to socialize, too. They are happy when they are around other animals though they sometimes get aggressive, but mostly, they enjoy the     other animal’s company. Also, they like being around people; so, have some time with your pet. Pets get bored and anxious if they are unaccompanied so          they tend to get busy by chewing on shoes or anything. Remember, you are     their only friend in their entire life.

Nevertheless, these are the basic needs of any pet; these are regardless of what pet you have. They need to be provided with this for a happy longer pet life. 

Should I Put Tinsel on My Christmas Tree?

Tinsel is dangerous to cats! Read on to learn more.

Don’t use tinsel on your tree if you have cats in the house! Cats are attracted to the shiny string and they can cause big problems in your cat’s intestinal tract if they swallow the tinsel. The intestinal tract gets bunched up on the tinsel like a shower curtain on a rod. The tinsel can then start to slice into the intestinal tract. Cats can die if they eat tinsel and don’t get the proper veterinary care. Signs that your cat has an intestinal foreign body, like tinsel, are vomiting, hiding, and not eating. If your cat is experiencing these symptoms, contact your veterinarian immediately.

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