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How to Care for your Hamster

free hamsterHamsters are furry, cute and entertaining to watch.  They do have a short life span only 12-18 months for the dwarfs; 2 yrs for the Teddy Bears.

Cage – plastic bottom, wires spaced safely for the size of the hamster. The dwarfs can get their head through some bars and get caught. Use Care Fresh bedding. They need a wheel to run on – use the kind that are solid plastic, so they don't get a foot caught and break their leg. Hidey hole made of safe wood. Sipper bottle for water. Change bedding every 2 weeks.

Diet: Pelleted food that is a complete and balanced diet. Some brands are Mazuri. The seed mixtures you see can be offered as a treat but are not complete and balanced.

Offer small pieces of carrot, dark leafy lettuce, 1 blueberry, leafy top from strawberry.

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