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What are we vaccinating for again?

This is a very common question that pet owners have when we rattle off the vaccines that your cat or dog needs.  Vaccines are an important part of your pet's preventative health care.   Understanding what we are vaccinating for and why will help you make the best decisions for your pet's care. 


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Vaccinations for Dogs and Cats

Rabies:  Rabies is a virus that is transmitted by saliva, generally a bite.  All cats and dogs should be vaccinated for rabies. Bats are the primary carriers of rabies in Minnesota.  Since bats can come into the house, even indoor only cats can get exposed to the virus. More...

December- The Standard Poodle

History of the Breed:  poodle free


The Standard Poodle originated in Germany and was first used a water retrieving dog.  The fancy haircut that we typically associate with poodles was actually meant to be functional, not stylish.  The fur is cut short to facilitate movement through the water, but left longer over joints and areas of the body that are meant to stay warmer.  


Poodles tend to be good natured and intelligent dogs.  They especially make great pets for owners that are interested in obedience and agility traiing.  


Health Concerns:


Addison's Disease


Hip Dysplasia

Ear Infections


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