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Welcome Dr. Valerie Aliano

Westgate Pet Clinic is proud to welcome Dr. Valerie Aliano to our hospital! Dr. Aliano obtained her Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree from the University of Missouri in 1983. After graduation, she practiced in Nebraska (as both an associate and and a practice owner) before moving to Minnesota in 2005. Dr. Aliano has a special interest in soft tissue surgery, internal and geriatric medicine and emergency and critical care. We know that our clients will love Dr. Aliano's calm, caring style, and we love the wealth of knowledge she is bringing with her to our veterinary team.

Common Eye Problems

Disorders of the eyes are some of the most common concerns we see at Westgate Pet Clinic.  Many are simple problems that require simple therapies to remedy. Others can be very serious, requiring aggressive, prompt treatment to prevent permanent damage.  Occasionally disorders of the eyes are a sign of a systemic disease that requires treatment of underlying disease in order to help the eyes return to normal.  Following are some common problems seen in pet dogs and cats.dog eyes free


Red eyes


Depending on where the redness is, these can be simple or complex problems.  Redness of the eyelids could be a sign of allergies or infection of the glands of the eyelid (stye).  Conjunctivitis, or inflammation of the lining of the eyelids, is one of the most common disorders we see.  These can be primary, resulting from something as simple as dust or debris in the eyes or can be secondary to allergies or pain or inflammation of the cornea (surface of the eye) or sclera (white of the eye).  Often conjunctivitis is accompanied by green or yellow discharge which may suggest infection.  

September: The Labrador Retriever

lab freeHistory of the Breed
The Labrador's lineage goes back to 16th century Newfoundland.  This dog was the fisherman's working dog, helping to carry ropes to boats and retrievinng fishing nets in the water.  The labrador's predessor, the St. John's water dog, had tuxedo markings of a white chest, feet, chin and muzzle.  This trait will occasionally be expressed in our modern day labradors as a white spot on the chest (known as a medallion), or stray white hairs on the feet or muzzle. 
Valued for it's loyal and brave personality, the labrador retriever is the quinesential dog.  Friends with everyone, the labrador makes a great family dog.  Labradors love being outdoors and need plenty of exercise.  They are excellent at the job they were bred to do, which is retrieving.  If your family is not one of hunters, then labradors would love to retrieve sticks and balls to fullfill that natural instinct. 
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