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Leptospirosis: My dog is vaccinated for it, but what is it?

Leptospirosis is a corkscrew shaped bacteria that can be infectious to your dog. It carries extra significance because if your dog becomes infected, it could give it to you.


How can my dog become infected?

Wild animals, or infected domestic animals, are the source of Leptospirosis and maintain its existence in nature. There are two ways a dog can become infected. A dog can become directly infected if it is exposed to an infected animals urine or venereal secretions, or if it is bitten or ingests infected tissue. Indirect infection occurs if the dog is exposed to contaminated water, food, bedding or soil. The most common way a dog becomes infected is through a wound or prolonged exposure to the skin.

December- The Standard Poodle

History of the Breed:  poodle free


The Standard Poodle originated in Germany and was first used a water retrieving dog.  The fancy haircut that we typically associate with poodles was actually meant to be functional, not stylish.  The fur is cut short to facilitate movement through the water, but left longer over joints and areas of the body that are meant to stay warmer.  


Poodles tend to be good natured and intelligent dogs.  They especially make great pets for owners that are interested in obedience and agility traiing.  


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